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If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a part of our team and if you can contribute effectively to take this organization forward, do drop in your resume at careers@moes-art.com

‘Five reasons to join Moe’s Art’

Feels like home
Moe’s Art provides a friendly atmosphere to work in. You will enjoy coming to office everyday and contributing to the growth of the company.

Open to new ideas
We appreciate when people come up with new ideas. You want to do graffiti on office walls, you want to have a quiz competition or conduct workshops, we are open to all things creative.

5 day workweek
We believe that weekend should only be for partying unless there is some urgent work. We practice a Monday to Friday only work culture.

Making a difference
We go by a hierarchy-less culture here where there are equal opportunities for everyone. We believe in nurturing our employees to feel confident to do any task in the office, whether it’s presenting a proposal in front of the client or conducting a press conference.

Socially alive
We throw parties, celebrate anniversaries, rejoice new wins. We turn into a watering hole after 6 PM